What Mythical Creature r u?

Well I hope I didn't annoy u 2 much. But I am glad you took my quiz and here is a little bout my self. Myth lvl: 50/100 Fav. Animal: Wolves Creepy Pasta lvl: 40/100 ! V

Warrior Cats RPG User: Raygunner Girl Chicken Smoothie User: Skydoesminecraft01 X-Box User: Firestar wc Gender: Female Has Phone: Yes Skydoesminecraft lvl: 99/100 ! V

Created by: Riley of this site
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  1. Are you quick to anger
  2. Do you like dogs.
  3. Do you like wolves
  4. Are all of these dogs or wolves
  5. Is Fernrir a wolf?
  6. Is the black dog a black dog?
  7. Does Cerberus have 3 heads?
  8. Is Cerberus a guard dog to the Devil's world?
  9. Are you a bully?
  10. Are you a bully?
  11. Are you Calm, cool, and collected?
  12. Do you get so mad people have to hold you back?
  13. Would you like to read a book?

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