What mythical creature are you?

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Many people wonder how it would be like to be a mythical creature, but it's hard to find out which one you will be. Take this quiz and your wonders will stop! Unless you are to normal to be mythical...

You could be a dragon! Or maybe your personality fits the wonders of a Phoenix. Take this quiz and stop wondering! You can't be disappointed even if its not accurate it's about 5 mins of your life!

Created by: Qwert

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  1. Hi thanks for taking my quiz!
  2. So, what would your favourite candy be?
  3. So how do your friends act around you?
  4. Well um gee this is tough. Oh yeah! If you could have any super power, what would it be?
  5. Got it! Where would you like to live? WHERE? WHERE? WHEEEEEERE???????
  6. So um well uh um you see urm... What's your fav element?
  7. RP TIME!! Your thoughts?
  8. Ok so you see a new kid at school being bullied because she is a MAGOR dork. What do you do?
  9. So just to annoy you... ( evil grin) ... WHAT'S YOUR FAV COLOUR!!!!!!
  10. Hmmmm, I want to make this long so, flight, or magic
  11. Well... Did you like it.. Pwomise it won't mwatter a wee bit at awl:)
  12. Well... BYE!!!!!

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Quiz topic: What mythical creature am I?