What Mythical Creature are You?

This quiz can tell you the answer to probably the most crucial question of your life- which mythical creature are you? Because obviously, knowing if you are a dragon or a mermaid is essential information. But seriously, just take it it's really fun.

The possible results are phoenix, unicorn, dragon, fairy, werewolf, or mermaid, each with their own unique characteristics. These 10 questions will determine which you are!

Created by: Hadley Lauren

  1. You are approached by a man in a cloak who tells you he has a bottle full of a mysterious potion that can grant you any ability, a sword that will win any fight, and a wand that can transport you to the location of your dreams. He will you one, but which will you choose?
  2. What do identify more with: day or night?
  3. What genre of music do you most enjoy?
  4. If you could have any profession, which would you choose?
  5. What Hogwarts House are you in? And in you don't know, which do you feel you belong in?
  6. A mystical creature which you cannot identify comes towards you, what is your reaction?
  7. You are walking down a road when it suddenly splits. Which path do you take?
  8. Which scent do you prefer?
  9. Heads or tails?
  10. Finally, if you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

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Quiz topic: What Mythical Creature am I?