What mythical creature would you be??

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This is a quiz that tells which mythical creature you will be. most people do not even read this description but if you are GOOD FOR YOU!! I do that too!

So what mythical creature are you?? do my quiz to find out. Thank you sooooooo much for reading this. Chenoa NightSpear has left the building, or computer, or websi- whatever! Stop reading and take the quiz. You kept reading :D

Created by: Chenoa NightSpear
  1. Where would you feel most comfortable.
  2. If you are confronted with a problem what would you do.
  3. What would be your preferred mode of transportation
  4. What do you see yourself as
  5. What weapon would you rather have
  6. If you could only have one of the following what would it be
  7. Of these powers, what would you rather have
  8. What does this question have to do with your results
  9. If you answered you're just filling in necessary questions, what makes you think that
  10. Okay, have you ever been on the internet?

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