How well do u know gtq users #3

Once upon a time there was like this unicorn who like climbed up a rainbow and then he like fell into a pot of gold and then he like climbed out and did it again.

This quiz tests your knowledge on the users of Are YOU a genius? And do you have the power to score 100% on this quiz?? By the way, if you don't pay attention to this stuff, that's ok.

Created by: harpusrox7

  1. When did doodle join gtq?
  2. When did carrotop join?
  3. What status level is The Coldest Sun?
  4. When did DaughterOfApollo join?
  5. What status level is partylover?
  6. What status level is dragon?
  7. What status level is VegeKaka?
  8. When did I Forgot My Name join?
  9. What status level is Hephaestuschild?
  10. What status level is flibber?

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