Basic Gyroplane Quiz

This Quiz Allows Users To See If They Have A Basic Understanding Of Gyroplanes, Autogyros and Gyrocopters. From This People Can Learn The Answers To The Most Frequiently Asked Questions.

Users Scoring High Can Move On To The Next Quiz. Users Scoring Low Can Browse [no urls] To Learn More About Gyroplanes and Other Personal Rotorcraft..

Created by: Tim o'connor

  1. What is the name of the line of Gyroplane kits sold by Bensen Aircraft Co?
  2. Can A Gyroplane Hover?
  3. What Does A Pre-Rotator Do?
  4. What Happens If A Gyroplane's Airspeed Drops To Zero?.
  5. Can A Gyroplane Take Off Vertically?
  6. What Powers Gyroplane Rotorblades In Flight?
  7. Can A Gyroplane Spin or Stall?
  8. What Is The Maximum Allowable Weight For A Gyroplane To Qualify For Ultralight Status In FAA Part 103? (LBS)
  9. If You Want To Fly An Ultralight Gyroplane, You Do Not Need A Pilots License, But You Do Need...
  10. What Inspired The Inventor Of The Gyroplane?

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