Can You Pass This? (Mostly for those in US) Lily L

Try this quiz to see if you got what it takes to answer these basic, yes basic, questions that belong to the USA. See if you got what it takes to push this stuff in your head.

Take my quiz and you will see your destiny. Maybe you can learn more things about the USA from my brand new quiz. Good luck, you'll need it. But you probably won't.

Created by: Lily

  1. What state is above Oregon?
  2. What does USA stand for?
  3. Which state is referred to the state where cowboys live?
  4. Is Hawaii part of USA?
  5. How many states does USA have? (Think of the flag)
  6. What colored stripe comes first on the American Flag?
  7. Which state (In the Northeast) is at the very top of USA?
  8. What is the American Flag's main colors?
  9. Is Washington D.C in Washington?
  10. What is the most used language in Illinois?
  11. Who bombed our Pearl Harbor in Hawaii?
  12. The bombing at Pearl Harbor led us into...
  13. Which state in USA can you publish books?
  14. Which state belongs to the US but isn't attached besides Hawaii?
  15. This country sits above the USA

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Quiz topic: Can I Pass This? (Mostly for those in US) Lily L