Which Marx Brother Are You?

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The question: Who are you? The answer: I'm fine; who are you? Scientists at Huxley College have determined that all people can be easily classified according to five basic psychological profiles.

The world consists of Chicos, Harpos, Grouchos, Gummos, and Zeppos. Which personality type are you? Just answer these basic, universal questions, and we'll know everything important there is to know about you.

Created by: Marxfest
  1. If you were a vaudevillian, what would be your specialty?
  2. Which look comes closest to your personal style?
  3. Choose the identity that most suits you.
  4. Which sounds the most like something you might say?
  5. Which activities most appeal to you?
  6. Before Art Fisher gave you your famous nickname in 1914, what did people call you?
  7. Which piece of music best expresses who you are?
  8. Which ethnicity was associated with your early stage characters?
  9. You meet Margaret Dumont at a fancy party. How do you react?
  10. You want to participate in a month-long celebration of the lives and careers of the Marx Brothers, in New York City in May 2014. Where do you go?

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Quiz topic: Which Marx Brother am I?