What are the chances you would be in Big Brother ?

Big Brother just kicked off in England ! For all who don't know , Big Brother is where 16 people are put in a house and some are evicted every week if you win you get 10K but loose and you leave with nothing

Have you ever wonderd what your chances are ? Do you stand out enough ? Well within twelve clicks you can find out your chances ! It's much easier than driving to the orditions

Created by: The best person EVER!

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your job , or Dream job ?
  2. How MAD are you?
  3. Your in the BB house and your asked to vote , you
  4. People describe you as ...
  5. Do you have an interesting past ?
  6. If you were chosen would you have a game plan
  7. Are you Straight Gay or Tran?
  8. Are you In it for the money
  9. Do you have lots of pets
  10. Do you have lots to talk about ?

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