Will you meet me? 1

Hi this quiz is about you really but not you! Your name is Amanda you have a brother called Mac and your mum and you and brother have move and you don't know why!

No one reads these but if you do. Your mum is keeping thing from you. And your new friend one of them are crazy another that dose not think before he act and 3 is nice.

Created by: Blood girl 05

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  1. Before we start there are somethings you need to know. Idk what going to happen! And if you can comment Plz do and give me some tips of what I could add! Or maybe say Make it longer! Ok back to the story your name is Amanda but they call you Mandy for short (Sorry if you don't like the name!! Just think it's you name instead) you are just a normal girl! You are not a girly girl (sorry if you are) ready?
  2. *standing their with a knife in his hand who was he? His eyes looked like they had fire in them. His soul trying to brake free but he could not. He gone* the image faded from my mind getting out of bed. I looked at my cloock 6:30. On time again! I wanted to be ready for my new school. My mum had made me move with her. And my older brother. He hadn't wanted us to move life was so simple for him. He will make friend so fast! And me I will be waiting for someone nice to come along. I might be waiting forever for someone like that! I waked down to see my bro ( bro means brother) making pancakes with (whatever you liked on them) "that smells good!" You tell him. He just smiles and looks at you. You must of looked confuses because he laughed at you and said "Dont give me that look! Here try this" he handed you a pancake. You just look at it was this one of his pranks? Before you can ask him your mum comes running down "Kids I need to tell you something" You shifts a glance at Mac (you older bro) he hates beingnning called a kid. Let's just say normally it ticks him off. " That's you Mandy" He hisses not at you but at your mum. To say 'I am not a kid anymore' "FINE." your mother says giving up! " PEOPLE...come here" after people her voice got smaller and smaller. Her eyes filled with sadness. "Mum you ok" you ask. Your feeling worried! What happened or wost whats going to happen? "I am going to tell you why we moved. Not really why we moved. Just I want to tell you what's going on!" You and Mac sit down. " You can never see your father again!" she said but something about thoses words didn't seem right to you. "WHY?" You and Mac say together. Your father was your best friend. Someone who promised he would always be there for you even when he was busy. Who had time for you and who made who you are today. And Mac. Your and his father helped Mac to start a band! BEEP,BEEP. The bus pulled up at the house. "Bye kids! Have a good day!" your mother said changing it so you would go out the door. You shigh and say to your brother "And those pancakes smelled so good" Mac just laughed.
  3. You hoped on the bus and found a seat alone. You sit their and look out the window thinging about you father. In the end it hurts too much to think about him. Just then a soft voice says " Hi! You must be new! Can i sit next to you ?" You look up to see a gril with long black hair wearing her hair in a low ponytail and butterfly earrings. Looks kind. You think. " Sure, if you want". "Thanks" she says sweetly she blue eyes seam to glow. Then you says something. " I am Amanda. You can call me Mandy if you want!" You indrouce yourself. "Lissy! It's nice to meet you Amanda! I mean Mandy..." Adding 'I mean Mandy' Verry quickly. " Its nice to meet you too!!! Lissy" Lissy just smiled then she thought of something! " Oh. Mandy I am not popular Verry much! So if you don't want to hang out with me now just say...I'll be ok with it!!" Her face drops to a sad smile. Lissy talks alot but she's nice so I'll say yes! " I don't care about beninng popular!" You say back. Her face brightens up at the sound of this. Her eyes glowed again brighter this time.
  4. " Wait until you meet my boyfriend" Lissy say so proudly, this ticks you off. Beep beep the bus is at school. You hop off hoping someone will pick you up. But for once it came ture. "Oh Nick Don't do it to the new girl! Don't pick her up" a voice says. You can't see who it is! The person that had picked you up stoped this is the best time to say something. "Plz put me down" you say. He dose what you told him to do. "Sorry. I'll make it up to you sit with me and my 2 buds at luch! Ok and I'll show you the school now come on....Er what's your name" he blushes a little. "Amanda, but you can call me Mandy if you want" he smiles " Nick as you know by my friend jake calling it out!" Nick pushes his black hair out of his bright green eyes. Then a guy with Blond hair and Bule eyes comes up to you and Nick. " Sorry about Nick it's one of his pranks" blondie says " It's ok. Really my brother dose pranks all the time on me." Nick laughs a little and say " I have got to meet you brother!" you just give him a Deth stare. Then blondie say "Jake, I know your name is Amanda but he said to call you Mandy." Nicks laugh drops to a evil smile " So were is Her brother?" Nick asks. " Over there" Jakes say " is that right Mandy?" you nod.
  5. Ok this is a break my arms hurt!! Do you like it I made it long! So far or is that just because my arms hurt? There won't be much action in this one. Because your just meeting to people! Ok.
  6. I not doing any more sorry I am too tired sorry!!!
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  8. Hi bye or what?
  9. 1, 2 or 3
  10. Did you like it? Plz comment and rate to tell me how I am doing! Sorry about the last bit I am really tired!!!!!!!!!!!!! So bye

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Quiz topic: Will I meet me? 1