A Random Story Quiz (Girls only)

(sorry its so long, next time I'll limit the length and just make it into a series.) You are a fairy but you dont know what kind of fairy you are, you wake up lost in a forest with no clue who you are, or where you are, or what happened.

You soon meet a boy named Keith. He is sorta tall, blond hair, green eyes, and clear wings. You also meet his cat Sally who has a special ability you will learn about.

Created by: Violette of The Traitor
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  1. You wake up in a forest, your head is slightly throbing in pain, you dont know who you are or where you are.
  2. After a few minutes you finaly relize that trying to remember is pointless and freaking out will get you no where. You try to figure out what you should do when you here a twig snap in the distance.
  3. You see a boy come into the clearing and he looks around. he soon spots you. (no matter what you picked for your answer) "Hey who are you, and what are you doing out here this late in the afternoon?" he asks you.
  4. "oh, ok lets see what we should do about that. well for starters, I'm Keith and this is my cat Sally" he said just as a black cat walked up.
  5. "well, its nice to meet you" you tell him after a few moments of awkward silence. "hey, how about you come with me? I could try to help you find where you live and try to help you get your memory back." he offers
  6. You follow him for a few hours wandering through the forest. "do you even know where your going?" you ask. "uh... yeah of course I do. if we keep going this way for another hour we will be at a river." he replies, you roll your eyes and keep following him. "you know, we should think of something to call you until we find out your name. how about brea?" he asks you. "why brea?" you ask in return. "because, your a brunette." you nod and agree that it will work for now.
  7. after walking for a long while the sun has finaly set anf there is still no river in sight. "admit it, we're lost, you dont know here we are." you say. "fine, we're lost, I dont know where we are." he finaly admits. "great," you sarcasticly say. "we should stop and rest for the night." he offers. "fine." you reply.
  8. You wake up to the sound of a light rain, you come out of your little spot you fell asleep in and look up to the sky while rain drops fall onto your face. You notice that Keith is still asleep and sally is hiding in the rose bush trying to avoide the rain. you injoy the few minutes of silence but you know you need to wake Keith up so you can continue your jurney to find out who your are.
  9. Keith finaly gets up and glares at you. "I see your a morning person." he grumply says and yawns. you chuckle softly to yourself "no, im just eager to get going" you tell him yet he continues to glare. you then pick up a stick and poke him continuously until he grabes it away from you and breaks into several small peices.
  10. You both continue walking trying to find a village or a farm or anyone for that matter, you seem realy hyper and want to do something fun, you pick up pincones and small rocks and continuously throw them at Keith. he blows up at you three times, by the time noon rolls around he is about to hang you by your neck. "sorry, im just bored." you apologize for the fourth time in a row. "girls," Keith mutters to himself. "you cant keep them from getting bored." he fineshes. "exscuse me? I heard that, and you should realy get your facts right." you reply snidly.
  11. You both find something to eat for lunch, your realy eager to get going, you dont quiet understand why you are so hyped up, you also sence that there might be somehting bad comeing. After you eat you continue to wander through the forest trying to find anyone you possibly could."Keith, do you have the feeeling we're not alone?" you ask getting the goosebumps. "your probably just imaginating it." he replied.
  12. As you both continue walking through the forest, the tree's and vegitation get thicker the farther you go. A cold wind starts up with is weird for the middle of summer, the tree's block out the sun. You keep looking behind you cause you have the feeling your being followed. "Keith, I think we should turn back, something doesnt seem right." You say, trying not to sound scared. "your just scaring yourself brea." he says trying to calm your nerves. "no Im not, I swear, someone or something is following us." you insists. "if your scared then go back then." he says somewhat angerly. "no, im not going by myself who knows what is out there." you protest. "then stop freaking out." he says and pushes forward through the densly packed vines and tree's. you relunctantly follow. after awail you hear foot steps behind you, Keith and Sally also hear them.
  13. "dont even think about it." Keith tells you right before you were going to say 'I told you so'. "we better keep moving and put distance between us and who ever that is." Keith added. But before you where even able to take a step twenty darkly clad figures serounded you with swords drawn. Keith immediatly draws his own sword that you didnt even relize he had. He killed two of them but got overwhelmed by six at once.
  14. You get serounded by ten of the figures, when all of a sudden Sally turnned into a black panther and kills three of the ten figures who were serounding you. You quickly break free through the confusion and watch at a safe distance while Keith and Sally kill the last of the figures. "who were they?" you ask. "Minions of the evil wizard. we need to keep going before more come. you remember how to fly right?" Keith asks you. "Fly?" you ask thinking this was some kind of joke. "yeah, you have wings." keith replied pointing just behind you. You turn and look behind you the best you could and saw silver clear wings. "hm, didnt know those were there." you say. Keith quickly teaches you how to fly while Sally turns back into a regular cat (except the fact she can change into a black panther.). Once you finaly got the hang of flying you and Keith fly above the forest, with Keith carrying Sally. "why didnt we fly before?" you ask. "because, we might risk missing someone who might know you, besides walking is a great way to see nature, while flying your going to fast to realy see anything." he replied. you nod and go back to watching the horizen.
  15. (ok last question, cause the results are pretty lengthy when it comes to describing what happens next. also this following question will have no affect on your score) Do you still want that flower?

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