a vampire love story

This is about you going to a new school where you meet four guys. You learn that you are in great danger and then must somehow help save the world. Along the way you will hopefully find true love.

Meet, Derek, the smart kind one. Alex, the upset mysterious one, Chase the funny light hearted one, and Bryan the romantic athletic one. These are the main characters other then you so far.

Created by: vampiregirl447
  1. This is one of those stories about vampires, and falling in love with one. In this story you meet and fall in love with one of them. ________ means your name. please comment on if you like it, because I will make more quizzes if you do.
  2. You are going to a new school, you get on the bus and see a boy with dark brown hair, and dark brown eyes looking at you. "Is this seat open?" He asked politely. you answer yes, and he says, "Hi my name is Chase."
  3. "Hey, I am ________." you answer. "that's a really nice name!" He answers with a huge smile on his face. Then the bus stops and you get off. He then says, "See you later!"
  4. You start to walk quickly towards the door, when you bump into someone. "I'm so sorry." you start to say. You look up and see a blond haired, brown eyed muscular guy. "No problem," he answers. He helps you pick up your books and sees you staring, he laughs and says, "I'm Bryan." You compare your schedules and see that you have fourth hour together.
  5. You go into first hour, and take a seat. You look around and see the boy next to you. He has black hair, deep blue eyes, and looks very upset, you turn to him and ask him if something is wrong. "No! Just leave me alone!" He yells. You back off wondering what is wrong when he says, "I'm sorry I just don't want to hurt you..."
  6. You wonder what he means when the teacher starts talking. Then you get two second hour, and see chase. "Hi______," Chase calls 'come sit over here!" You do as he says and you talk about music types. You learn that he plays the guitar and loves to listen to all types of music.
  7. Finally you get to third hour and meet a boy named Derek. He has dark brown hair and Dark brown eyes. You introduce yourself and you learn that he loves science and reading. He is very nice then you ask him...
  8. Assuming that you ask if he knows anyone else, he answers saying, "My best friend is Chase." you then say, "Wow I know him too!" "Yeah he is a really nice guy." he replies.
  9. You go on to fourth hour, and see Bryan. "Hey Bryan" you say to him. 'Hi_____," He answers."Will you eat lunch with me?" you think about it for a minute, and decide to say yes. You talk for the whole class then go on to lunch with him. You sit down at a table with him, and see Chase, and Derek walk over and sit down with you guys. "Hi _____" They both exclaim. "Hi Chase, and Derek." You answer. The you see the mystery guy walk over. 'what is she doing here?" he says in a suprised tone. "She is sitting with us," Bryan states. 'Don't mind Alex, he is just a bit touchy.
  10. After lunch you go through the rest of the day. Chase catches up to you as you are walking home, and says, "____, I need you to come with me." "What?" You question. "_____This is serious! You are in danger now come!" you follow him, and he brings you to a cabin in a huge forest.
  11. This is the end of part one. please comment and tell me if you like it so far. I will make a part two if people like it enough.

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