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Hi! I decided to make another story quiz called "Love in Despair". This story takes you on an adventure to find out the truth about who you are and the deaths behind your best friend, Eric, and parents.

You will meet incredible guys while traveling. And you will go on dangerous and romantic adventures with them as well. I tried to make this plot original. So, I hope you like it!

Created by: Jinx_TheSleuth
  1. ~2 Years Ago~ Rain poured down hard. You held your big clear umbrella up high. You glanced at everyone standing around. Some were friends, most were family crying and mourning. They were all wearing black. He looked so peaceful in his casket. A tear rolled down your cheek and then more tears poured out of your __________ eyes. You wanted to go home, crawl in your bed and sleep the rest of your days away. You didn't know how he died. It was a huge mystery you knew you had to solve. Someone was staring across the casket at you. You recognized him before. His chin-length dark hair and chocolate brown eyes that kept secrets were very familiar. They lowered the casket into the ground. You picked up a rose and tossed it off...
  2. ~Now~ "Time to wake up little girl..." 'Little Girl' by 'Weird Dreams' played as your alarm. You had a headache and you HATE Mondays. You moved to this small town 2 years ago after the funeral. You just wanted to escape it all. A knock on your door interrupted your thoughts. "Come in!" you yell. Your best friend Esmé walked in. You've known Esmé for a while now and you live with her and her parents. Your parents went missing when you were four. "Hey, you're not dressed yet!" she said. "What time is it?" you asked. "It's 7:45! Get your butt up!" you two share a laugh and you get dressed into your favorite clothes. "OK let's go!" Esme said. Your school is pretty decent and you don't have any problems there like you did at your old school.
  3. You arrive at school with Esmé. A couple of girls stare at you when you get inside. Girls are very jealous of you because you're so pretty. "What the Hell are you staring at!?!?!?" Esmé said and gave them a fowl look and they turned away. Ever since you met her, she always protected you like an older sister even though you're the same age as her. The bell rang and before you get to class, the principal calls you to his office. You sit down. "Hello _________." he said. "What did I do?" you ask kind of nervous. "We found your parents." he said. "Where are they? When can I see them!" you ask. "_______, I don't know how to tell you this but...they found your parents dead." he said with sorrow in his eyes. "I don't understand." you said. "The cops are coming to take you to your old town. You can clean your locker and turn your books to the front office. I'm terribly sorry." he said. You didn't have any words left. You just walked out with a blank expression. The hallways were empty. Esmé ran up to you with a worried look. "__________ what happened?" she asked. "They found my parents....they're dead." you said in a monotone voice. "Oh my God. I'm so sorry." she said. "I'm leaving today and I have a feeling I'm not coming back." you said. "Why?" she asked. "I don't know. I just have a bad feeling about this." you said.
  4. You left the school and started to pack your things at Esmé's house. "_________, can I talk to you?" Esme asked. "Sure, what's up." you said. "I know we only knew each other for less than 2 years, but I feel like we're sisters. I'm gonna miss you." Esme started tearing up and so did you. "I'm gonna miss you too." you said. You both get up and hug for what feels like 10 minutes. After you step back, you hear the horn of a car. "That's probably my ride." you said. "OK...I love you." Esme said. You gave her one last hug and left. ~Fast Forward~ You arrive at your old town. It looks exactly the same. It's raining and only a few people are walking around. The town was very quaint and cute and it's always raining. The car suddenly stopped at a hotel. "This is where you'll be staying." the cop said. "A lawyer will be here to give you your parent's final will." You looked up in disbelief. "Wait. My parents left me something." you asked astonished. "Yes they did. You will find out tomorrow. Now go get some rest." You climbed out of the car and walked into the hotel. The receptionist gave you a key to room 203. You walked into your hotel room and saw a guy sitting on the living room couch. It's the guy from the funeral. He still have those chocolate brown eyes but they're more attractive and his dark hair is longer. "Hello ________" he said with a mischievous grin on his face.
  5. "What are you doing here?" you ask backing up. "Let's start with introductions. I'm Jason." he held out his hand to shake yours. "Why are you here?" you ignored him. He pulled his hand away. "The last time I saw you was the day of the funeral. " he said. "I'm here for answers." The boy who died was your best friend Eric. You knew him since Kindergarten and you two shared everything with each other. But apparently he had dark secrets. "I still don't know how Eric died but I heard it was just an accident." you said. "It wasn't an accident." he said. "Wait. How do you know Eric?" you ask. "He's my half brother. I never lived in this town but I was always there for him. My parents sent me away..." he said. "Why did your parents send you away?" you ask without thinking. "That's not important. What's important is the item your parents left you." he said. "What did they leave me?" you ask. "You'll see. I have to go. Make sure all the windows and doors are locked. I will see you tomorrow." he said. There was something suspicious about Jason but you're somewhat attracted to him. *Can't wait* you said to yourself. Jason looked at you and gave an arrogant smile. Did he hear you?
  6. ~Dream Mode~ You are walking through a forest. It's very foggy and there's no sign of life around you. You walk along a path and stop near a small waterfall. There's a blue light beaming through the water. "You have to find...." a voice said. You look around scared to death. "Don't be alarm _____. You have to find the..." Your eyes suddenly open. You wonder if the dream meant anything. Where were you? Who was talking to you? And what do you have to find? You shake the thoughts out of your head and take a shower. You get out the shower and throw on:
  7. While getting dress, you hear a knock on the door. You open it and see a tall, bald man wearing an all black suit standing in the door way. "Hello ______, I'm George Paxton. I'm here to present Mr. and Mrs. ________'s will. May I come in?" he said politely. "Yes...come in." you let him in and he takes the seat right in front of you. He puts down a suitcase on the coffee table. "First, I would like to say sorry for your loss. I know this must be tough for you." he said. "I never knew my parents. I thought they didn't care about me. Why wold they leave me anything?" you said. "From the looks of it, they left you this letter. I will let you read it." he handed you a letter and you read it to yourself: Dear ________, If you are getting this letter you will know our time has past. We have been murdered. Possibly by the same man who murdered your dear friend Eric. You see, you are special. There are others like you as well. Some are good and many are evil. We need you to find 7 magical orbs. If you find them, the truth will be revealed. Included in our will are several items that will guide you to the truth. We've been watching you throughout your whole life with a magic mirror called the 'Je te vois' mirror. This mirror can capture anyone at the right time and place. Another item we left you is our platinum card. This card will help you with your financial needs. There is an unlimited amount of money on this card. And last but not least is the 'Finders Keepers Map'. This map will guide you to where the orbs are hidden but it won't be that simple. There are other items scattered about that you will have to find on your own. We hope you use these items to the best of your abilities. We are terribly sorry that you didn't get to know us very well, but we knew you well enough to trust you with this dangerous task. We love you. Love, Your beloved parents
  8. You started to tear up. You couldn't take what was happening now. You feel overwhelmed, crushed, and defeated. The items are in the suitcase that Mr. Paxton brought in. You looked up at Mr. Paxton's head. "What's that on your forehead?" you ask him. He had a read dot on his forehead. You look across the hotel and see someone with a sniper on the other building. "WATCH OUT!" you yell but Mr. Paxton got shot in the head before you could say 'out'. Someone comes busting through the door and it's Jason. "We have to get out NOW!! He said taking your hand and the suitcase containing the 'special' items. You ran out of the hotel building and hop onto Jason's motorcycle. "WHERE ARE WE GOING?!?!?!?!" you try to yell over the motor running. "FAR AWAY. HOLD ON TIGHT." Jason says. And you hold on tight to his abs as you surge away from town...and your past.
  9. With the suitcase on your lap and riding on Jason's motorcycle for about 3 hours, you couldn't help but fall asleep with your head resting on Jason's shoulder. Your butt was falling asleep too. You hit a speed bump and wake up with a snort. "Well hello sleepy head!" Jason said focusing his eye on the road. You accidentally left drool on his shoulder. "You know, I would appreciate it if you kept the drool in your mouth." he smiled. You smack the back of his head. He let out an 'ouch'. "Where are we anyway?" you ask. "Right now we're heading straight into Washington." he answered. "Where in Washington?" you ask. "You ask a lot of questions." he said with a big laugh. "Hey, bash me for being curious." you said smacking him on the back of his head again. "Ouch! If you're going to ride with me, you have to stop that." he said with a big grin. "We're almost at my house in Seattle."
  10. ~30 minutes later~ "We're here!" Jason said. "This is your house?" you ask. You got off the bike and looked at his house. Jason's house is on top of a mountain in North Seattle. It's very modern with big windows. The house is built alongside the ocean and when you look to the right, you see a deep forest. When you walk into the house, you're amazed at how the house looks. "So, how do you like the house so far?" a voice said. You turn around to see a guy about your age, a little older, with black hair and piercing green eyes. He's tall and a little muscular. He walks up to you and shake your hand. "Hi, I'm Jasper."
  11. Well then, I hope you like the quiz. Let me know if you like the guys so far. Please, if you want to share any ideas, sound off in the comments!

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