Hogwarts From A Snake's Eye Pt. 4

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Hey everyone! Sorry that I took so long to make this, and that the title says 4....it's actually the 5th one. I don't know why I put 4 there. Huh, I guess I wasn't thinking.

Welcome to Hogwarts! Throughout your time here, you will be experiences love, anger, despair, and extreme happiness as you go through your experience with all of the troublesome, but cute, guys here.

Created by: _ViolaLover_
  1. The next I sleep in late, so my roommates know something's up. I never sleep in late. When I wake up finally I'm really pale, and slightly shaking. "Are you okay ______?" Sarah asks me, concerned. I clamp a hand over my mouth and sprint to the bathroom. I throw up violently into the toilet, and a concerned looking Zan held my hair back. "Not really," I finally respond weakly. Zan appraises me, and then slips an arm around me. "Come on, we're going to get you changed, and then I'm going to take you to the nurse. You're obviously sick." "No, we've got that game today," I weakly protest, as Hally grabs some clothes for me. However I'm too sick to resist any further as I change and my friends take me to the nurse.
  2. "Hmmmm, curious..." Madam Pomfrey says, standing over me. "What?" I ask, dreary. My roommates have already left to go get ready for their day. "Did you know you are allergic to pumpkins?" I blink at her, confused. "Uh, well I do now. That's so strange, I haven't had this reaction before, and I've been drinking pumpkin juice since I was little." She thinks for a moment then says, "You used to live in America, right?" "Um, yeah..."I say, not sure what that has do to wit this. "Well the pumpkin juice there isn't nearly as strong as ours. You drank it for the first time last night, right?" I nod my head, then instantly regret it; movement of anything makes my vision swim and go fuzzy at the edges. I feel terrible, my stomach is a mess, and I've got a splitting head ache. "I'll give you some medicine for it, but you're going to have to stay here for two days," she informs me, bustling away to get my medicine. I stare up at the ceiling, frozen in distress. My match against Ravenclaw is tonight, which I can't go to if I'm stuck here in bed.
  3. I try to explain this to her when she comes back, but she won't have it. "You won't be fine to walk ANYWHERE until Monday, even then you might be a little unsteady on your feet. Speaking of which, this will knock you out for a while, and you might wake up disoriented." I sigh and lay back down, defeated. I take the medicine and slowly drift off to the realm of dreams...
  4. I woke up with blurry eyesight. I blink and refocus on a girl sitting in a chair reading a book called Tables Turned. She has blue eyes and chocolate brown hair, and I feel as if I should know her. I frown and she looks up and smiles at me. "Hey there sleepy," she says while setting the book down. I just stare, not sure what to say. "Hello? _______? Come back to earth!" she teases me. Her name is Zan I remember suddenly. I grin sleepily at her, "Hey, couldn't remember your name for a scary second there." She laughs; it's a pleasant tinkling sound, like bells. I smile listening to it, only coming back to reality when I realize I missed a question she asked me. "What?" "I SAID that's your medicine kicking in. How are you feeling?" "Uh, really tired. And my head is pretty stuffy. Hey, can you go watch the game for me, and let me know what happens?" I ask, remembering that I play something....called something or other. "Aw. Of course I'll go. Well, I think you have a visitor waiting, so you won't be lonely. Madam Pomfrey's only letting in one person at a time to keep you from getting too excited. Feel better; I'll see you in probably an hour." I watch her dance out of the room, and then listen to her give a short scream after the door closes.
  5. I see a slightly round woman come bustling out of a door at the end of the bed filled room I'm in. She walks towards me and smiles then asks, "Hello dear, how are you feeling?" "Tired," I yawn. "Well if those boys keep you up, just shout for me and I'll get them out." She winks at me as a round faced boy with brown hair enters the room, and it takes me a moment to remember he's Neville. I smile tiredly at him and he sits down. "Hey ______, how're you?" he asks. "Well, I've been better." "Yeah, I suppose that's true. Here, I brought you some flowers. I didn't know what you like, so I brought you a little of everything," he says, setting down some flowers that I didn't notice he had. "Oh, thanks," I say, staring at them. They're very pretty, a multitude of colors, all with a pretty yellow center.... "______," Neville says gently, reminding me he's there. "Oh, sorry Neville, it's my..."I trail off, trying to remember why I'm like this. "Your medicine." Neville finishes for me. "Yeah, that word. So why did Zan scream when she got out there?" Neville chuckles lightly. "She just nearly got trampled by everyone standing out there. She got to wait in there for you to wake up because she got here first, and everyone wanted to be next. I got in when the others were arguing." I smile at that, unable to conjure up a full laugh at the moment. "Speaking of which, I guess it's my turn to get out of here. Feel better _____." He squeezes my hand and gets up to leave. "Bye Neville," I mumble, setting my head back on the pillow. I've only talked to two people, and I'm already tired. This is going to be a long weekend.
  6. I roll my head over to look at whoever came in next; it's Harry. "Hey," he says softly, brushing the hair away from my face. "Hey," I reply, watching him. "So I never got the full story, what's wrong?" he asks. "Well, apparently I'm allergic to pumpkins." "You're joking." "Nope. Well I don't think so." I crinkle my brow, trying to remember the details. "It's okay, you don't have to think about it right now," he reassures me. "So why aren't you out watching the game?" I ask, remembering that I play quidditch. "Yeah, right. I wouldn't go to a game without knowing what happened to you. All I have to know is who won." "Oh." There's a knocking on the door, and we both glance at it. "I guess that's my queue to take my leave. Feel better," he smiles at me before leaving.
  7. Next through the door is an unexpected face. "Ron?" I ask, slightly bewildered. "The one and only," he says, plopping down in the chair Harry just vacated. "How're you doing?" "I'm okay," I say, not telling the entire truth. "That's good," he says. There's an awkward silence, but I don't notice it because I'm staring at my flowers again. They're so pretty... "Hello? ______?" Ron asks, slightly uncomfortable. "Mmmm, yeah?" I ask, turning my attention back on him. "Sorry, you look tired. I'll just go," he says, shuffling out of the room before I can say anything. Well, that was short.
  8. Finally I see a familiar seventh year poke his head through the door. "Hey," he says, approaching me with the most concerned look I've ever seen on his face. "Hey," I reply. "I know you're probably tired of hearing this by now, but how are you? Really?" "I'm fi-" I begin to say, but stop when I think about it. "I'm really tired, and I can't think very straight," I admit to him. He takes my hand and starts playing with my fingers before saying anything else. "I'm sorry." "Me too. I can't believe I'm missing my first quidditch game, my team must be so bummed." He smiles down at me, slightly amused. "Of course you think of others when you're hospitalized." He shakes his head in mock disappointment. "Hey, you're supposed to be nice to sick people," I complain. "Sorry," he says with a quick smile. "So, are you going to bail out on me too, everyone seems to leave after under five minutes of me talking to them." He laughs and responds. "No, I thought I'd hang around for a while. Unless you want to me to go?" His tone changes to worried at the end. "NO! No, please stay," I laugh. "Although, I'm not going to be much company," I continue around a yawn. He smiles down at me again. "That's okay; I like just being near you." We continue to talk for a while before I start to fall asleep. Just before I'm completely gone I feel his lips press to my forehead. "Feel better," he murmurs. I smile one last time, before drifting away...
  9. I wake up slowly and roll over. I glance up to see Draco writing something on paper, then looking in a textbook and writing another thing on the paper. "Hey," I say my voice cracking. I sit up and take a drink from the glass of water sitting beside my bed. "Hey," he says, glancing up from his paper before returning to his work. I look at the tittle of the textbook. "Defense against the dark arts assignment?" I ask. "Yeah, something on werewolves," he replies. "So, do I want to know how the game went?" I ask cautiously. "Probably not." I grimace. "That bad?" "320 to 30." "Ouch." He laughs harshly. "That's an understatement. But the game doesn't matter. What's wrong with you?" He asks, concern flitting in his eyes before returning back into the emotionless mask. "I guess I'm allergic to pumpkins." He snorts. "Of course you are. But did you know that Flint is out for your head?" "Why?" I ask him, not really caring what Flint thinks. "You didn't show up to the game," he informs me. "That messed us up, or so he says." I roll my eyes. "Whatever, it's not really my fault I nearly died this morning." Draco's eyes widen. "It was that bad?" he asks. "Uh, no. That was an exaggeration." I say, slightly bewildered. "Oh." Madam Pomfrey come out then, and shoos Draco away, insisting I needed rest. I lay back down, feeling as if this was the longest day of my life.
  10. Hey everyone! First of all, I think I put 4 in the title instead of 5, sorry about that. And I'm sorry it's so short, and that it took so long to get out, and that it's not very good...BUT I have reason why it took so long to get out! I have made a blog! What you say? Where can you get to this blog? Well go up top and click the blue words that say "Wondrous Words" It's really more of the same. It's got this story on there, and my other 4 boys 3 girls, etc. story on there, but it's got one story on there that I haven't posted on gotoquiz, so if you want to read that, be my guest. Thanks guys!

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