How well do you know big brother 14?

Are you a big brother fanatic? Are your eyes glued to the television every episode. Do you love all the twists that big brother is capable of? Then this quiz is for you!

These fairly simple questions will test your big brother knowledge. If you have watched the shows nonstop, this should be so simple you don't even hve to read the answer choices!

Created by: Likeaboss

  1. Who was the second person evicted from the big brother house?
  2. Who was the strongest coach competition wise?
  3. Out of these choices who was NOT in the quack pack alliance?
  4. Who went home for mild violence?
  5. Which was the second former coach that was evicted?
  6. which competitor constantly had to win the power of veto to take himself off of the block?
  7. Which former coach did not want the game to be reset?
  8. Which player first had a showmance with Ian then switched to Frank?
  9. Who won the power of veto competition that had the big brother menu?
  10. Which house guest yells in the diary room?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know big brother 14?