How much are you like my brother?

If you're like my brother, that is a good/bad thing. I will tell you what kind of thing that is at the end. I hope you're not like/like my brother because something.

Are YOU like my brother? If your name is Peter, then you are. Tell me what your name is in the comments. If you want me to try and guess your name, go to youthink (google it) and click "I can guess you name" on the top ten quizzes. (it's usually on the top ten quizzes.)

Created by: Jenniferdu

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you play call of duty?
  2. Are you a boy?
  3. Do you wear glasses?
  4. Are you a gamer?
  5. Are you in university?
  6. Uh... I ran out of questions.
  7. Um.... Er.... Do you have a sister?
  8. Are you social? (maybe I didn't run out of questions after all!)
  9. Do you use your iPhone a lot?
  10. Do you listen to your family members?
  11. Do you know what is your favorite song?
  12. Are you immature?
  13. How many instruments do you play?
  14. Are you mean to your siblings?
  15. Do you stay up late?
  16. Are you a gamer?
  17. Is your name Peter?
  18. Are you naughty?

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Quiz topic: How much am I like my brother?