How Much are you like my Brother

There are people like my brother and people who aren't like him. If you aren't li3ke him very very very very3 very good... goood. If you are like him i hope you li0ve like, like ten 10 states away from me14

Are you evil enough to be like my brother?.I hope your not the world doesn't need another person like my brother. But if you are i'll just have to avoid another person like him.

Created by: bob
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What color hair do u have
  2. If you put idk on the last answer either your color blind or dumb as crap. Are u smart or how smart.
  3. Are you tall
  4. Do you smart of to your parents on a daily baises or are mean to your yonger sister
  5. What color eyes do you have
  6. How old are you
  7. Do you play D and D
  8. Are you parenoid
  9. Do you play on the computer for hours on end
  10. This quiz sucked didn't it

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Quiz topic: How Much am I like my Brother