How Well Do You Know Me?(April 2020)

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Howdy there, everyone! I'm Axel and as I'm getting back into being active on this website, I figured I would do cute quizzes like this to let others get to know me online!! The photo is a visual of how I kinda look in real life :3

So, if you see me around the forums, have taken my quizzes before, or have no clue who I even am, I don't mind! Settle in and take this fun quiz to get to know a total stranger or test your knowledge on me as a friend or acquaintance!

Created by: axelbeans
  1. Easy questions first, how old am I?
  2. What's my birthday?
  3. My favorite color?
  4. What color is my hair?
  5. My hair type?
  6. What is my favorite music genre?
  7. My clothing style?
  8. What is my gender identity?
  9. Do I believe in being nice or kind?
  10. Which art medium do I NOT participate in?
  11. How many siblings do I have?
  12. Do I prefer having many friends, or a few close ones?
  13. What is my favorite kind of food?
  14. My favorite drink?
  15. What is my one least preferred love language?
  16. What state do I live in?
  17. Which of these is my most hated video game/game series?
  18. How patient am I?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Me?(April 2020)