FNAF Knowledge Quiz (April 2020)

This quiz was made because honestly I was annoyed at how many quizzes there are that are outdated, wrong or just terrible. To remedy this I made this quiz, which even includes the date so future people won't get confused!

Quick reminder: everything in here is as close to confirmed as I can get it, meaning I avoided theories. If anything is wrong (as of April 2020, proven in the future DOES NOT count) please tell me in the comments and I'll review and change it

Created by: KezChenn
  1. Easy firstly, who caused "The Bite"?(Not a theory, but a proven fact in-game, I'll try to avoid theories unless proven)
  2. How many games are there, as of April 2020 (only released, not teased)
  3. How many versions of Freddy are in UCN?Hint: I counted all bears as Freddies
  4. How many foxes are in UCN?
  5. True or False: Phone Guy is Purple Guy
  6. True or False: Kellen Goff (VA: FT Freddy/Molten Freddy) voiced the original Freddy (FNAF 1)
  7. Are the books canon?
  8. Is Mike the Bully or the Crying Child?
  9. How many versions or Robot! Charlie are in the Book series?
  10. Who is the man behind the slaughter?
  11. What happened to Vanny/Vannie?
  12. Who is Tape Man from FFPS?
  13. Who beat 50/20 mode first?
  14. Who did Baby kill in the Sister Location minigame?
  15. Final question:True or False: All of Trash and the Gang appears in UCN

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