Which Afton Family Member Are You? [FNAF]

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Hello? Hello, hello? Typical, old fashioned FNaF intro, quite nice, isn't it? Welcome to this terrible quiz I made within like,,, 2 hours as it is now nearly 2:30 am and the mental illness is kicking in.

This is a bad little quiz that will hopefully accurately tell you which Afton family member you are, or close to. As I was William in a past life I feel I have the right to point at people and go "You there, you are *insert family member here*", so I'm doing exactly that.

  1. Welcome, welcome! It is I, your local William Afton fiction kinnie! Come find out who you are, starting with tell me what gender you identify with, or your lack of gender. Yes this DOES affect your results.
  2. Age? You can trust me I promise.
  3. What type of person do you think you are?
  4. Anything you're good at? Not necessarily talents but just basic "human" aspects that you think you've got pretty good metaphorical stats in.
  5. Ask your friends right now, or someone close to you. Are you the type to be a hero, villain, or a normal citizen? MAKE SURE THEY'RE HONEST!
  6. What sort of things are you mostly in to? Like, genre sort of.
  7. Favorite Color? No purple here you purple lovers have to pick a different color (As a fellow purple lover, I'm sorry.)
  8. Do you enjoy going out? Whether it be with friends, family, or on your own
  9. Have you actually played FNaF or looked at any of the wikis for lore? Or are you just watching YouTube videos and going "yup that's canon" despite having no proof.
  10. Let's touch on mental illness. Note, I am not a professional and don't have much knowledge on too much things as doing research on mental illnesses sends me into some sort of manic episode so,,, but yeah, Do you have any of the listed? Self diagnosis is allowed, but if you only suspect and haven't diagnosed (with thorough research), then don't include that thing.
  11. Are you happy with your physical appearance right now?
  12. A part of the LGBTQ+ community? Straight Allies, Bi/Pan lesbians, Pedos, etc are NOT a part of the community.
  13. Uhhh filler question because I have no more material, what do you think of me? (William Afton, reminder, I hate it but the connection between then and now is too strong to ignore.) To put it simply, thoughts on the man behind the slaughter?

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Quiz topic: Which Afton Family Member am I? [FNAF]