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READ THIS!!! Hello! The events written in the paragraph's of each results are the canon events of each member of SBI. Even though SBI probably isn't canon, I wanted to include canon events because I believe it is canon. Please make sure to think through your answers. You can also re-take the quiz if you are unhappy with your result. I will probably be making a DREAM SMP member quiz soon, with two parts. Main characters and side characters but anywho! Thank you for doing this quiz!

(P.S; I originally made this quiz as a joke, I'm not actually serious about it that's why the results may be eh and inaccurate. Super sorry if they are and you can always retake the quiz or take a different one!)

Created by: Bates
  1. What is your favorite colors?
  2. What type of friend are you?
  3. If you could have one super power, what would it be?
  4. Who do you think you'll get? (No effect on your score)
  5. Favorite Minecraft Weapon
  6. L'manburg, Pogtopia, Manburg, or Dream SMP?
  7. Favorite SBI member quote.
  8. Favorite Song
  9. Enchantments
  10. Finally, Minecraft Mob

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