How Well do you Know Me? (2020)

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Hi, welcome to my How Well Do You Know Me quiz, 2020 addition. It's been yeeeaaars since I made one of these things, but I'm honestly just trying to level this account up, and what subject do I know better than myself?

Anyways.. Be sure to read each question carefully before selecting your answers. There are no trick questions but there are partial credit answers. Best of luck to you.

Created by: Chainsaw
  1. Which of the below is not an account of mine?
  2. What is my star sign?
  3. What name do I currently go by on the internet?
  4. Which of the following is not one of my pets?
  5. Where did I grow up?
  6. What's my real name?
  7. How many siblings do I have?
  8. What is my dream job?
  9. What is my current favorite TV show?
  10. What is my favorite book genre?
  11. What sport did I briefly play during middle school?
  12. What after-school activity was I involved in during high school?
  13. What's my favorite color?
  14. Of the following, what phobias do I have?
  15. What is my favorite animal?

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