How popural are you in your school?

This test analyses carefully how popural you may be in school, without any bad, offtopic and not school questions and it scopes to getting directly into the subject.

This test was carefully made so that single answers do not largely affect the percent a lot. The test is getting directly into the subject and it is accurate.

Created by: AquaZet
  1. How many friends do you have in school?A friend is: A person that you spend a lot of time with, and one that you can invite him/her in your house or to a hangout.
  2. How frequently do classmates or regural students mention you in many conversations?(This is only for conversations that you weren't joined or didn't started)
  3. Do people think you are popural?(You can just do a quick guess)
  4. From 100 students, how many do you believe know your name?(This means if they know your name)
  5. How many years are you in your school?(This means full years, for example if this is your third year in your school, then you should answer "I am 2 years")
  6. Are you in higher classes in your school?
  7. From 100 students, how many hate you?(You can just make a guess)
  8. Do you have a best friend from this school?(Best friend can be a friend that you frequently talk with, and they also support you in any way)
  9. How many minor friends do you have?(Minor friends are friends that they haven't visited you outside of school, and you speak rarely, but you know each other)
  10. Are you trying to become popural, but this hurts your popularity instead?

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Quiz topic: How popural am I in my school?