How much do you enjoy school ?

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Respond to how much you agree with each statement to the best of your ability about your view on school. The results will be in percent form, just like taking a real test in school :)

This quiz will tell you how much you enjoy school and will hopefully not give you too much of a surprise with the results! This is not scientifically accurate.

Created by: Charlotte Stevenson
  1. The school day feels difficult to get through.
  2. You’re optimistic about your future education.
  3. The night before, you often dread going to school.
  4. You feel pressured to perform well in school and it affects you
  5. You have a healthy, vibrant social life at school.
  6. You would decline plans with friends to work on homework/ study
  7. You have been described as a dedicated student.
  8. School may be boring sometimes, but you can focus and complete your tasks,
  9. Outside of school, you spend time thinking about it.
  10. You find the routine and schedule of school comforting, not smothering.

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Quiz topic: How much do I enjoy school ?