What is your Hogwarts house?

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This quiz will primarily be self-reflection, not some silly quiz trying to predict your house by asking your favorite foods or asking what you would do in certain situations. As there is no sorting hat in the muggle world, you must rely on the knowledge of yourself that lies within your brain to find your true Hogwarts house. Hopefully, this tool will help you sort things out.

Every question will be similar- there will be a statement provided that matches with a Hogwarts house (it won't be difficult to figure out which it is, but for this tool to be of greatest use to you, I would advise you not to try to sway your results.) You will select the answer that you think most accurately represents how you feel about the statement, from strongly disagree to strongly agree. Now, you may get on with the quiz,

Created by: ari
  1. I am confident.
  2. I am loyal to those I care about.
  3. I am creative.
  4. I take leadership in many situations.
  5. I show bravery and courage.
  6. I am a hard worker.
  7. I am intelligent.
  8. I am ambitious.
  9. I am willing to take bold risks; I have a lot of nerve and am daring.
  10. I am patient.
  11. I have an excellent imagination.
  12. I am cunning.
  13. I have a strong moral compass.
  14. I am honest.
  15. I am open-minded.
  16. I can be charming.
  17. I can be impulsive.
  18. I try to be as helpful as possible.
  19. I am organized.
  20. I am resilient.
  21. I am determined.
  22. I try to avoid conflict.
  23. I am curious and love to learn about topics that interest me.
  24. I tend to follow tradition.
  25. I have a strong sense of justice.
  26. I try to be kind.
  27. I express my individuality and don't follow the crowd.
  28. I am competitive.
  29. What house do you identify with most? (This is only a tiebreaker!)

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