Which Swedish Political Party Do You Support?

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In this quiz, you will find out which of the eight Swedish political parties represented in the Riksdag (parliament) you most agree with. The issues mentioned in this quiz are diverse ranging from crime to migration and from the environment to the labour market.

Each question in quiz will be a statement. You will have to choose whether you strongly agree, agree, disagree or strongly disagree with that statement.

Created by: Nassreddin Taibi
  1. Begging on the street for money should be illegal.
  2. It is good that there is a tax on aviation, currently ranging from $6 to $43 per flight.
  3. In certain high-crime areas, the police should be allowed to frisk people without them being suspected of committing a crime.
  4. Parents of young children should get five extra paid leave days from work. These may be used when a child is sick or is free from school.
  5. There should be a price incentive to decrease meat consumption.
  6. The nationalist Sweden Democrats party should be isolated from political influence and parties should not cooperate with them at all.
  7. That Sweden is a multicultural society is a good thing.
  8. Schools should no longer be allowed to make financial profits.
  9. Membership of the European Union has been positive for Sweden
  10. The European Union should have a common foreign policy.
  11. It should be possible for people to testify anonymously about acts of crime.
  12. Sweden should keep nuclear energy reactors open and build new ones.
  13. Landlords should be allowed to set rents freely without having to negotiate with the Swedish tenants union.
  14. Privatisation in healthcare should be reversed.
  15. Christian values should play a bigger role in political decision-making.
  16. It is better to increase taxes than to cut in spending for public services.
  17. Sweden should introduce the Euro as its national currency.
  18. Parental leave should be distributed equally between both parents.
  19. People should be treated as adults when being convicted of crime already from the age of 18 years old, and not 21.
  20. Sweden should join NATO.
  21. The tax on fuel should be lowered.
  22. The 2.5 year maximum time period of receiving sickness benefits (sjukförsäkringen) should be reintroduced.
  23. Pension contributions (paid by employers) should be increased from 17% to 19% of an employee's income in order to increase pensions.
  24. Foreign aid should be cut (currently at 1% of Sweden's GNI).
  25. Permanent residency should again be granted to all refugees who had their asylum approved.
  26. Labour migrants from outside of the EU should comply to a minimum income before they are allowed to come.
  27. The state monopoly on the sale of alcohol should be abolished.
  28. The tax reduction for people who hire someone to do repairs and cleaning (RUT/ROT-avdraget) should be abolished.
  29. The state should increase subsidies for wind power so more is constructed.
  30. The use of marijuana/weed should be legalised.
  31. Sweden should continue recognising Palestine as an independent state.
  32. Sweden should remain a monarchy.

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