Which Danish Political Party Do You Support?

A quick quiz to see which Danish party is most aligned with your views. All 10 parties in the Danish Folketing is in this quiz. So lets ask: Hvem er du mest enig med?

Check of the answer which you agree the most with, and see that the most questions should be answered on whether you for example agree with something, or if you strongly agree with that statement.

Created by: Andefar
  1. The price of cigarettes be increased.
  2. The 'top tax'(an extra tax on highest earners) should be removed.
  3. It should be easier to 'import' qualified workers from outside of the EU.
  4. We must impose stricter requirements on the use of pesticides in agriculture.
  5. Denmark shoul accept quota refugees again.
  6. It is a problem, if economic inequality in society increases.
  7. The police must have more extensive options for setting up surveillance in the public space.
  8. Buying and smoking hash should be legal.
  9. It should be permissible to wear burqa and niqab in the public space.
  10. It's good for Denmark to be in the EU.
  11. Denmark should become a secular country.
  12. Denmark should increase spending on the military.
  13. Denmark is currently doing enough to fight global warming.

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Quiz topic: Which Danish Political Party do I Support?