Which Danish Political Party Do You Support? 2.0

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In this quiz, you will find out which of the 10 Danish parties represented in the Folketing that you agree most with. So as we say in Danish: Hvem er du mest enig med?

There will for every question be a statement, you will have to choose if you strongly agree, agree, disagree or strongly disagree with that statement.

Created by: Andefar
  1. The price of cigarettes should be increased.
  2. The 'top tax'(an extra tax on highest earners) should be removed.
  3. It should be easier to 'import' qualified workers from outside of the EU.
  4. We must impose stricter requirements on the use of pesticides in agriculture.
  5. Denmark should accept quota refugees again.
  6. It is a problem if economic inequality in society increases.
  7. The police should have more extensive options for setting up surveillance in the public space.
  8. Buying and smoking hash should be legal.
  9. It should be legal to wear the burqa and niqab in the public spaces.
  10. It's good for Denmark to be in the EU.
  11. Denmark should become a secular country.
  12. Denmark should increase spending on the military.
  13. Denmark is currently doing enough to fight global warming.
  14. It should be easier to forcefully remove children from 'bad' families.
  15. Danes pay too much in taxes.
  16. More public jobs should be moved out of the big cities, and into smaller cities.
  17. Penalties for gang related crime should be increased.
  18. It should be made more attractive to choose a private school.
  19. Denmark should prioritise the building of new motorways over the improvement of public transport.
  20. Denmark should have permanent border control on the German border.
  21. The Islamic call to prayer should be banned.
  22. Denmark should spend more on foreign aid.
  23. You should automatically be registered as an organ donor when you turn 18, unless you deregister yourself.
  24. A special 'climate tax' on beef should be introduced.
  25. More money should be used on public service.
  26. Religious circumcision of minors, which does not a have verified medical reason behind it, should be banned.
  27. The government should set limits for foreign investors purchase of property in the big cities and set limits for how high rent can be set.
  28. The 2% yearly budget cut in higher education between 2016-2022 should be removed.
  29. Denmark should support an EU-wide minimum wage,
  30. The car registration tax (85% of the car's price for non-electric/hybrid cars) should be removed.
  31. People who entered the work force earlier should have the right to retire earlier.
  32. Statens Uddannelsesst√łtte (a monthly amount of money given to all students above 18, with the amount being differentiated on factors like income, whether you live at home and distance from your home to the school) should be cut.
  33. Denmark should remove the 'defence reservation', which blocks Denmark from participating in EU-military and defence politics.
  34. There should be gender quotas for the Board of Directors for companies.
  35. More money should be redistributed from wealthy municipalities to poorer ones.
  36. Should 'Corona Passports' be used?
  37. Denmark should continue to deport Syrian refugees to the Damascus area in Syria, despite no other countries than Denmark having deemed it safe to do so.
  38. There should be an EU-wide minimum corporate tax rate.
  39. Denmark should remain a monarchy.
  40. It should be legal to own pepper spray for self defence.
  41. Drivers above 75 years of age need to get a signed paper from a doctor before they can have their drivers license renewed.
  42. Refugees should not be able to live outside of the refugee centre.
  43. The age of retirement should be raised faster than planned. (It will reach 72 years by 2050.)
  44. Denmark should remain a part of NATO.
  45. Denmark should use nuclear energy.

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