How much do you know about American Political History?

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Some people go on and on about politics and never learn the amazing History behind all the debate. Are you one of these people, or are you a political History genius.

Do you know which party is Anti-Party? Do you who the first republican presidential nominee was? if so you might just have what it takes to score highly on this quiz

Created by: Parks
  1. What was the Name of Thomas Jefferson's Political Party (at the time, today we know it by another name)?
  2. What Two Parties Merged into the Modern day Republican Party?
  3. Who was the first Republican (GOP) Presidential Candidate?
  4. What was the Political Affiliation of Jefferson Davis?
  5. What Congressman led the Radical Republicans During Reconstruction?
  6. Which President Vetoed More bills than any president before him?
  7. Which President was shot and would have most likely lived, had they not used dirty fingers to try and dig the bullet out of his wound?
  8. Which Presidential Candidate later changed his party affiliation when he could not get his own party's nomination?
  9. Which President was the Only to be a doctor (PhD)?
  10. Which President Joined the Ku Klux Klan so he could get the South's Vote over a Catholic Nominee from the other party (Despite not being from the Party associated with the Klan at the time)?
  11. Which Presidential Candidate later founded a charitable organization with Eleanor Roosevelt?
  12. Which President could have Run for Office Again but chose not to?
  13. In what year was the first time in History that there was a Republican President and a Republican Controlled Congress?
  14. President Kennedy was despised by the south because of what Factor?
  15. In a 1964 Campaign add from Lyndon Johnson it is claimed that Barry Goldwater's election is supported by what Group?
  16. President Nixon's Silent Majority Speech was uttered in what year?
  17. Richard Nixon officially left office on what time and Date?
  18. Who was Gerald Ford's Running mate in 1976?
  19. Which President appointed Ruth Bader Ginsburg to the Supreme Court
  20. Which President was the only to be divorced?
  21. Which President Briefly considered Clint Eastwood as a Running mate?
  22. Which President once jokingly claimed that his only campaign mistake was his choice in Running mate?
  23. Which President once claimed that terrorists had "misunderestimated" him?
  24. Which President was the first to send his own E-mail?
  25. Which Political Party is sometimes nicknamed the Anti-party Party?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about American Political History?