Political Compass: 'Rage of Party'/Queen Anne edition

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In the late 17th and early 18th century - especially in the reigns of William III and Anne - Britain was convulsed with political conflict. Tories against Whigs, stout independent country members against wicked courtly rakes, Dissenters versus Churchmen, Jacobites versus those loyal to the Hanoverian succession - it was a wild time!

Have you ever wondered how you would have fitted into this great age of political dispute, polemical writing and intrigue? Are you a bigoted High Church Tory? A sly courtly Junto Whig? A stout country backwoodsman? Or are you an extremist who espouses either Jacobite loyalism and absolutism, or radical Deist republicanism? Find out in 'Political Compass: Rage of Party/Queen Anne' edition!

Created by: Capel Lofft
  1. Should Parliament legislate for a Protestant succession?
  2. Should the practice of Occasional Conformity be banned?
  3. Do we need a Place Bill to root out all of these corrupt hangers-on and lower taxation?
  4. 'The Church is in Danger'. Do you agree?
  5. Should Parliament pursue a naval strategy instead of a land war against France?
  6. Does the Toleration Act go far enough?
  7. Should we restore the Stuart succession?
  8. Henry Sacheverell is a hero. Do you agree?
  9. Should we abolish standing armies?
  10. Is a Union with Scotland desirable?

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