What Monarchist Are You or Are You a Republican?

This quiz is to decide what type of Monarchist you are, or if you're even a Republican (not the American party, the ideology of Republicanism.) God Save The Queen!

There are many types of monarchs throughout history and to assume advocating for a monarchy means you'll be some lowly serf is idiotic! Come look at one of the oldest forms of government in human history!

Created by: Adam
  1. I believe that the head of state should be voted in.
  2. I believe that the head of state should be hereditary.
  3. Was the French Revolution a terrible event?
  4. If there is a monarchy in place, should the Monarch be able to be judged by the justice system?
  5. Do you think the Monarch serves no purpose other than to abuse taxes and the people?
  6. Should the Monarchy only serve as a figure head for the state?
  7. Do you think the Monarch serves some sort of purpose?
  8. What should the Monarch focus on?
  9. How would you symbolize the Monarchy?
  10. Was the American Revolutionary War a bad thing?

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Quiz topic: What Monarchist am I or am I a Republican?