UK:Monarchy or Republic?

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Pride of the nation or an embarrassment? In this quiz we will examine wether you are a Monarchist or a Republican. Using 10 short questions to find your results.

This Quiz is made purely for entertainment purposes and doesn’t reflect the creators opinions as such the creator asks that if your position isn’t shown here then please do not send any hate. This is all for fun!

Created by: George
  1. Should the UK have a State religion?
  2. Do you personally like King Charles?
  3. Was The Late Queen a good monarch?
  4. Should the monarch be state funded?
  5. Will the UK ever become a Republic?
  6. Is Abolishing the monarchy a….
  7. What Uk Political Party do you Support?
  8. Is the Monarchy good for Soft power?
  9. Will Prince George ever become king?
  10. Finally are you a Republican or Monarchist?

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