The 17th to mid 19th century political spectrum quiz

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As we start to study the development of Politics and the concept of a political spectrum that captures how we apply our beliefs to the type of leaders we feel are best we would like for you to take a quick quiz.

Please answer based on your instincts and know that your answers will not necessarily reflect how you might land on a modern-day political spectrum. The questions will help us to think about how political ideology was first developed though. Have fun and when you are finished please be sure to record what eighteenth or nineteenth-century political group you might have agreed with.

Created by: Mr. Bond
  1. How do you view change?
  2. To you, which of the following best represents your view on freedom?
  3. A country's government should stay as it was in order to prevent uprisings and rebellions of any sort.
  4. Strong religious-minded people, who are willing to stand up for the weak and downtrodden make for the best leaders in society?
  5. The economy should be overseen by the government so that no one group or special interest is able to dominate any other.
  6. University professors and scholarly journals should be allowed to lecture and write what they wish, even if it means to be critical of religious or political leadership.
  7. With what group would you most associate yourself with?
  8. Women should have a strong role in politics.
  9. The color of your skin should not matter when it comes to your rights.
  10. When making decisions in life you listen more to your heart and follow your desires more than moralistic or traditional rules.

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