how well do you know american history?

Many people have taken American History in their lifetime, but does that mean that your a genius when it comes to History. Why dont you take this quiz and find out.

Are you eager to know how much knowledge you have about American History, then you should take this quiz.well goodluck and have fun. Bye for now folks just take the quiz please.

Created by: redeyedharpie
  1. The Zimmeman telagraph was a telegram from germany to_____. What country recieved this telegram?
  2. How long did prohibition last?
  3. This fighting tactic was only used in WWI,what was it?
  4. Which of the following countries was not an axis power?
  5. On what date did the stock market crash?
  6. On what day was the cease fire for WWI?
  7. What did the S in Harry S Truman stand for?
  8. What was the first battle of WWI?
  9. Who's campaign slogan was this "The buisness of America is big buisness"
  10. The Roaring 20s was also known as the _______
  11. The Lusitania was torpedoed of the cost of _______
  12. Which amendment gave women the right to vote?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know american history?