How well do u know gtq users #2

The title says it all. This quiz will tell u how much u know about gtq users. Just there status level or date joined. Nothing personal ok? and if u want me to put u in it next time I make a quiz like this u can just tell me in the comments or post in my thread about it in the feedback & updates forum

Are YOU a genius? Do u have the power to score 100% on this quiz? xD do u think u know alot about gtq users? What r u wating for? Take this quiz~! and don't forget- no mean comments!

Created by: harpusrox7

  1. When did harpusrox7 join?
  2. What status level us the harpster?
  3. What status level is Kish?
  4. When did Vladitor join?
  5. When did popsicle join?
  6. What status level is OZZYIOMMI?
  7. What status level is kwright?
  8. When did slytherin queen join?
  9. What status level is Teresa22?
  10. When did dragon join?
  11. What status level is horseluver?
  12. When did Carri04 join?

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