VectorWorks Aptitude

Vectorworks is a complex software application. it has users from across the world with extremely varied levels of knowledge and skill. it is a daunting task to converge multiple users with drastically different backgrounds and provide training which will give all attendees an equally excellent experience.

This test will attempt to determine which of the training courses would best match your current ability level. Again, be reminded that this test is in no way final nor its completion a requirement for training. This test is simply to give you an idea of how capable a Vectorworks user you are based on a selection of technical trivia.

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  1. What is the name of the tool you would use to round off the corner of a 2d polygon?
  2. Which of these is NOT a 3D Vectorworks object?
  3. Which Palette controls Class and Layer visibility?
  4. Which palette controls the texture and rendering properties of a 3D object?
  5. What menu command is specifically designed to resize objects either symmetrically or asymmetrically by entering the desired dimensions?
  6. Which of these is NOT a Site Modifier object?
  7. I am found in the resource browser. I can be located either in the active document or in a referenced resource library file. If I am modified in the resource browser, all versions of me in the active document update to reflect those changes. What am I?
  8. What is a Hybrid Object a "Hybrid" of?
  9. Which of these objects can be extruded?
  10. What menu command allows you to convert basic 2D objects into more advanced plugin objects?
  11. What class, by default, is the "Swing" arc of doors and windows located in?
  12. What is Workgroup Referencing primarily used for?
  13. When you use the command "Extract Surface" on an object, what is the resulting product?
  14. Which special row in a worksheet must be visible in order to sort by ascending/descending or to summarize like objects?
  15. This object will show a representation of objects that are in another layer, or another document entirely. These representations will also show properly on worksheets.

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