Was It Camelot?

This IQ test has been verified by the same folks who administer the Scholastic Aptitude Tests. We thought we would tell you that to get your sweat gland warmed up for the challenge ahead.

Classmates who do well on this diagnostic test are also known to do very well on "1 versus 100" -- as long as the 100 all come from some place like Webster Groves.

Created by: J. Terry Corbet
  1. Name of street from which to enter the train station.
  2. Number of chicklets dispensed for one penny at the train station.
  3. Classmate with shortest commute to Nipher.
  4. School year in which you could have seen Willie Mays' fabulous catch on a TV in the middle of the basketball court.
  5. Cost of gallon of gas the first time you drove on a date.
  6. Name of street of the Kroger store.
  7. Who went #1 with "Oh, Mein Papa"?
  8. Who won the Turkey Day Game our senior year.
  9. Who were Sturmy and Archer?
  10. What was the cost of the postage stamps you used to send Valentines cards in the sixth grade?

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