Broadband SEP 1st

The quiz is aimed at judging your process knowledge as well as your aptitude. The first five questions are based on the updates that are given to you on a daily basis. The last five questions are general aptitude questions or based on english language. All the best.

In just a few minutes you will see 10 questions on your screen, that will judge how good you are as far as your process or your aptitude is concerned. And above all, how much incentives can you make....All the best

Created by: Manuj Bajaj
  1. Outlook 2007 has the following option under Tools:
  2. We have one additional tab under Internet Options in IE 6 and IE 7, which is not there in the lower versions of IE (5 and 5.5). The tab is:
  3. Who would we raise a commitment to, if we want to change the E-mail Password for the Customer?
  4. Who would we raise a commitment to, in order to send a setup disk for Speedtouch 330 modem
  5. What is the REN Value provided by BT:
  6. John, twelve years old, is three times as old as his brother. How old will John be when he is twice as old as his brother?
  7. CAACCAC is to 3113313 as CACAACAC is to
  8. The missing numbers in the below series would be 1:1, 8:4, 9:27, 64:16, 25:125, ?:?, 49:343
  9. All he had to do was speak up and declare his _________
  10. Which one of the four letters is least like the other four?

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