mysterious love story pt 15

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Created by: chopinssonata
  1. It inched closer as we backed away. There was a sudden flash, smoke and the smell of garbage. "It's our new invention. It's twice the smell of a normal stink bomb and it takes away your senses for a few minutes.". They said as the stench became worse and now had the odor of carrion. "Great job. Let's get out of here before the crocodile comes back.". "Agreed.". said Eli as you gradually sprinted faster.
  2. In the end, you had managed to get away from the alligator and were now panting. You had reached that same patch of land you'd used earlier and set up camp. This wasn't the smartest idea but, face it, you were dead tired. Maybe with these circumstances, it shouldn't be phrased that way but still, that gets the point across. The twins surrounded the campsite with a new type of invention, otherwise known as 'garbage that they take pride in'. "What are you doing?". You said with your eyebrows now arched.
  3. "Crocodiles can find us because of our scents. That's why we created this. It has an odor that smells so much like our surroundings that it hides our scents from predators.". They both said proudly as they continued to put something that looked quite similar to tea bags around the area of the camp. It didn't smell any worse but, you were at least thankful that it didn't smell any worse. You went to sleep on your side of the tent until a certain warmness surrounding you woke you up.
  4. You looked to the other side and could visibly see Eli laying on his back snoring loudly. Where were the twins. You looked down to discover that there was an arm around your stomach.That arm wasn't yours. You didn't want to turn around and see who it was because you didn't want to wake them or squish them like a bug. Trust me, you really wanted to. Even more by the minute. There was a slight breeze and the tent flap opened.
  5. It was Nick with a white undershirt and plaid shorts. Even though Nick and Jake were identical, that doesn't mean you couldn't tell them apart. Anyway, since Nick was there, then that must've meant Jake was the one next to you. Good then you didn't have to feel bad about what you were about to do next. You jabbed his stomach with your elbow and sat up. He did the same. Nick leaned down to take your hand and lead you outside along with Jake.
  6. "You were shivering.". Nick pointed out as you now realized you had his gray cardigan on underneath a black leather jacket. "Thanks a lot ______, now I'm cold.". Jake said as he motioned toward his jacket. "Sorry, here.". You said taking off his jacket and about to return it to him. "It's fine.". He said. "I wasn't cold.". You stated. "Then why were you shivering?". "You know that near death experience you get and you realize that your lucky. But, some people aren't and maybe, next time you won't be so lucky.".
  7. A tear fell from your cheek and you felt that same utter hate and shame you always put upon yourself when you cried. Jake rocked you back and forth in a slow steady motion. You calmed down and Nick left to go inside the tent. "While I'm around, nothing bad is going to happen to you. If that happens, then Nick will still be here.". The puffiness around your eye deflated and you looked up at him.
  8. He craned his neck and you felt an instant warmness as your lips melted into his. He put his hand on the small of your back and you ran your fingers in his ginger hair. His hair was soft, almost like the mane of a horse. He didn't kiss softly. He kissed you to the bone. Surprisingly, this was more passionate as your sister had described in her version of cinderella.
  9. He wasn't prince charming but, this kiss seemed as if it wasn't leagal, something forbidden. Although it wasn't. The kiss came to an end when he pulled away. "That's as far as I'll go while we're not boyfriend and girlfriend.". He whispered in your ear as he stood up and went inside the tent as Nick came out pointing to his watch.
  10. Was he signaling Jake that time was up? They bumped shoulders and whispered something so quiet that even an owl wouldn't have heard. Nick sat on the mound of dirt next to you not caring about getting his almost brown jeans dirty. He ran the tips of his fingers over your cheek. It tickled but also made you shiver a little. He leaned in and gave you a peck on the lips. You stared into each others eyes and could feel the sparks flying.
  11. You two kissed again for longer. This kiss was definitley special and different from Jake's. It was gentle but, there was a slight urgency as if this were some kind of kissing contest. During the kiss, you opened your eyes and observed that the tent flap wasn't fully zippered. You could see a hint of color where the flap wasn't zippered. It was a green color, small and round. That wasn't part of the tent, that was an eye watching the two of you intently. Followed by that, there was another eye of a different color.
  12. You were really going to hurt them one day. You stopped the passionate kiss and picked up a pebbles with your right hand and flung it into their eyes. Bullseye. It hit them in the center of their eyes. This wasn't anything that could be guaranteed as safe but, it wouldn't kill them. They both knew you had spotted them and unzipped the flap of the tent revealing their two heads almost stacked ontop of each other.
  13. You headed back to the tent and wrestled the two for exactly 3 minutes and ended up sitting ontop of Eli with feet propped on Jake. You eventually fell asleep in that same position. You woke to find yourself laying on the tent covered in a blanket in addition to the sweater and jacket. You exited the tent, packed away all the supplies and prepared for your next little adventure to begin.

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