A love story; choose your own adventure (for girls and boys)

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Okay, so my name is Ericat, and I am a new gotoquiz creator and user! This is my fourth quiz, but my first ever CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE!!!! (That means if it's confusing, I'm sorry.)

Please comment and rate at the end, and check out some of my other quizzes! Also if you comment, please comment positively, not negatively. People who are negative about other people's quizzes are annoying, and they don't know how hard it is to make a quiz in the first place (Seriously try it, it's hard)

Created by: Ericat

  1. Okay, before I start the quiz, I'm going to say that the first bubble is A. The second bubble is B. The third bubble is B.
  2. Okay so let's start the story.
  3. I'm so bored, so I just sit in the house. Mom calls me and says I got a note. I say back,
  4. You are now in the kitchen, because you're reading the note. You see that it's a note from a non-binary person you like at school named Alex. It says that Alex really likes you, and wants you to go to a fancy dinner place called the Cheesecake cafe. You...
  5. DO NOT DO THIS QUESTION IF YOU SAID YES TO GOING.So on Monday, Alex's friend, Raylie, is sitting next to you. She is also your friend and knows you like Alex. She explains how sad Alex is, and that Alex really wanted you to go. You start to feel bad about it, so you decide to go. So you...
  6. After school, Alex picks you up and they're in a suit. You're in a suit/dress (because this is for girls and boys, so it's hard) When you get there, you decide to order the...
  7. The waiter comes up, and you realize it's a mean boy from school! He eyes you in a dark way, and you can tell this is going to be a bad night. He asks you what you're going to order. You place your order, and he brings back mushrooms, olives, and anchovies. You...
  8. Whatever answer you picked on the last question, you decide you have enough with the "waiter." You and Alex decide to leave and instead go to an empty pizza parlor. You think that sense it's empty, you'll have the night all to yourselves, and it will be perfect. But then you find out the service is slow, and when the waiter FINALLY comes up, you order...
  9. If you answered the last bubble on 7, do the rest of these questions. If you DIDN'T answer the last bubble, CONGRATULATIONS! YOU'RE DONE! Scroll to the bottom and hit submit!After you and Alex leave, you decide to go to McDonalds. But Alex says he/she wants to go home because he/she is getting sick of you. So you...
  10. THANK YOU FOR TAKING MY QUIZ! If you didn't like it, this is my first choose your own adventure quiz, so please stay calm (I might not make another one cause of how hard it is) Please check out my other quizzes too, and comment about how I could make it better! Please rate a big smiley!

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Quiz topic: A love story; choose my own adventure (for girls and boys)