Do You Need A Virtual Assistant?

Many people today are starting their own business. Are you one of them? If so, you may need the help of a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant works remotely and works with you to accomplish those tasks that can prevent you from moving your business forward.

This quiz will help determine if you need the help of a virtual assistant. Hiring a virtual assistant can benefit your company in many ways! If you do, please visit our website and schedule a free consultation where we can discuss your business needs.

Created by: VirtualAssistant

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  1. Do you spend more than 8 hours a day on your business?
  2. Do you receive more than 10 emails a day that require your attention?
  3. Is your business on any Social Media sites?
  4. Do you have a website?
  5. Do you do all your own research?
  6. Do you maintain your own website?
  7. Do you wish you knew someone who could help you with the busy work?
  8. How long have you been in business?
  9. Do you have a pile of business cards from networking that need your attention?
  10. How many hours a day do you spend marketing your business?

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Quiz topic: Do I Need A Virtual Assistant?