Nursing Assistant Practice Quiz

Many people consider pursuing a career in nursing assistance, but not all are prepared to pass their program. A nurse assistant must also be patient and caring. A caring person loves what they do and also has empathy for the person they care for. Is this the right field for you?

Are you cut out to be a Nursing Assistant? Do you have the patience and understanding to do this? This quiz will give you an idea if you have the general knowledge to do this job. And remember to keep studying!

Created by: Dawn
  1. A long term care facility is a
  2. The branch of medicine that is concerned with the problems and diseases of the elderly is
  3. The minimum number of hours required by OBRA for a nursing assistant program is
  4. All people who provide care or services to the residents are members of
  5. Restorative care encourages
  6. The chain of command
  7. Personal care and hygiene performed daily is called
  8. 5 Basic Steps before beginning a procedure
  9. Which of the following is included in the resident's bill of rights?
  10. Failure to give proper care is called
  11. The federal agency concerned with the health and safety of the worker is
  12. The purpose of the Ombudsman Committee is to
  13. Which of the following is NOT included in the residents' bill of rights?
  14. The nursing assistant tells the resident, "if you don't get ready for bed now, I'm going to leave you up all night. " This is an example of
  15. A resident has given her daughter power of attorney for her health care. What right does this give the daughter?
  16. A restorative ambulation program helps the resident to
  17. What department works with residents who have swallowing problems?
  18. The method used to bring a resident back to as nearly normal function as possible is called
  19. Small things that cannot be seen without a microscope are
  20. Symptoms of a localized infection include
  21. When wearing gloves, when should you wash your hands
  22. How often must a restraint be removed
  23. Restraints by be used
  24. Which of the following is the most important reason for not moving the victim?
  25. The medical term for choke is
  26. A blue color of skin due to lack of oxygen is called
  27. Another term for bleeding is
  28. What is your first action if your resident is having a seizure?
  29. Where should the call light be placed when the resident is in the room?
  30. Where is the best place to discard used supplies?
  31. What is the FIRST step in cleaning soiled equipment?
  32. Where should the wheelchair be kept while the resident is in bed?
  33. Keeping the bed linens clean, dry and wrinkle free prevents
  34. When would you wear gloves to change a residents bed?
  35. Which of the following statements about admission is false
  36. Encouraging residents to make choices in personal care and dressing is helpful in which of the following ways?
  37. When beginning a bed bath, which of the following is correct procedure?
  38. The radial pulse is located
  39. High BP is anything over
  40. Which of the following are signs of dehydration?
  41. The resident drank three 8 ounce cans of ensure. What is her intake this shift?
  42. You have been asked to collect a urine sample on a resident that wears an incontinent brief, what should you do?
  43. If you make an error while charting what is the best thing to do?
  44. What do the following orders say? Amb qid and prn
  45. VS qd at HS
  46. Illness that begins slowly and lasts for a long time

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