How to Lose Weight Quickly

Some of us are a little concerned about our weight and its possible long term effects on our health. Here we show you all the little tips to be a much better you.

Do you have the correct attitude to your lifestyle and how to look after your body. This quiz will truly show you how to best care for yourself and make you almost superhuman.

Created by: william
  1. Do you think you are overweight?
  2. The kitchen table has a left over ham sandwich on a plate, it is still fresh do I;
  3. Exercise is good for you.
  4. Men lose weight more quickly than women.
  5. Eating an apple a day is goood for you.
  6. Physical exercise may include.
  7. Drinking a glass of water before eating this will fill up your stomach and mean you eat less.
  8. Eating ice cubes will burn up more calories.
  9. Wrapping your body with cling film before exercise is a sure fire method of melting off unwanted pounds.
  10. Cutting off a leg will reduce your weight dramatically very quickly.

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