How fat are you ?

There are many people having problems with being overweight.Some people don't even try to do something about it,are you chubby,fat,obese or skinny ?? take this quiz and find out.

Are you fat or skinny ? take this quiz and find out.Need more dieting or more exercise or both ?;;Do you feel fat ? and not now what to do about it ? There are many ways to lose weight just try.

Created by: Nathalie

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Stand up and look down.what do you see ?
  2. what do you consider yourself ?
  3. How many love handles do you got ?
  4. What do you like ?
  5. What do you weight ?
  6. Whats your height ?
  7. whats you age ?
  8. You go to a store and decide to try something on; your looking at yourself in the mirrors at the think:
  9. Do you feel comfortable in a swimsuit ?
  10. What do your friends say about your weight ?

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Quiz topic: How fat am I ?