What do you know about teen obesity (a bust tha gut quiz)

There are many over weight teens and adolescents in the U.S. so I made a website for them to go it has plenty of health facts and tips on losing weight and leading a healthier lifestyle. So this is one of the quizzes i made for the site.

being over weight it not an easy thing to overcome but with our help we are hoping it will be a littler easier to lose the weight and keep it off if you would like to see my site them it is bustthagut.110.com

Created by: Alisha
  1. School kids who regularly consume soft drinks take in approximately _____ more calories each day than their classmates who abstain.
  2. A daily excess intake of 100 calories a day can easily lead to a _____-pound weight gain in just a year.
  3. One in every _____ children in the U.S. has a weight problem.
  4. _____ percent of American children and adolescents are obese
  5. One out of every four obese American child is showing early signs of Type II diabetes, which is a _____ percent rise in the last ten years.
  6. Children with one obese parent have a _____ percent chance of becoming overweight or obese themselves.
  7. In families where BOTH parents are obese, nearly _____ percent of children will develop the condition.
  8. Kids who rack up more than five hours of TV viewing a day are nearly _____ times more likely to become overweight as those who watch two hours or less a day.
  9. Most kids spend twice as much time watching TV or playing video games as they do exercising.
  10. High school enrollment in PE classes dropped from _____ percent in 1991 to just 25 percent in 1995.

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Quiz topic: What do I know about teen obesity (a bust tha gut quiz)