How tough are you?

Although there are some tough people out there, along with toughness, comes the ability to be a bit of a douchebag. Keep it neutral, and be the best of both worlds.

Are you tough? Are you a wuss? Are you sensible? Or are you a well known douchebag? Find out here. YOU MUST BE COMPLETELY HONEST, OR ELSE THERE WILL BE NO POINT IN DOING THIS QUIZ. IT WILL ALSO MAKE IT MORE INTERESTING.

Created by: Jason Millington

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  1. You see your friend getting bullied... What do you do.
  2. A night time robbery is happening downstairs... What do you do.
  3. You smash your neighbours window by accident... What do you do.
  4. You stub your toe on a table... What do you do.
  5. Someone starts on you... What do you do or say.
  6. You get told off by a teacher as she thinks that you Swore at her...What do you do.
  7. Your crush is with his/her friends and you want to ask him/her out... What do you do.
  8. An old lady across the road gets her handbag stolen by a group of youths... What do you do.
  9. You take a punch to the face by accident... What do you do.
  10. You lose an arm wrestle... What do you do.

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Quiz topic: How tough am I?