Tribe Leader's Written Trial

Ulaiths are creatures of wonder and mystery. They themselves guide people and their actions. However, there must be one person and one Ulaith who guides them all when things get tough.

This will test your leadership, the ability to stay strong in tough situations, and doing what's best for your people. Do you think you can become a Tribe Leader?

Created by: Ulaith Creations
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  1. After coming of age, you see a wounded wolf pup along the edge of the river. The Elders told you never to touch a dying animal. What's your response?
  2. During the Harvestfest, an Ulaith comes up to you, asking for assistance to find it's hatchling. You are a huge part in the ceremony, however, and, as a Bonded, you are required to perform one of the sacred rituals. What do you do?
  3. Whilst in War, you and your Ulaith come across a wounded Ulaith of the opposite side. Your Bonded cautions you, advising you continue on your way. You would...
  4. You and your Ulaith would enjoy...
  5. The Brothers and Sisters in your tribe are dissatisfied with the current Elder's leadership. They ask you to speak with him, and, grudgingly, you agree. What would you say?
  6. As an Elder, it is your duty to...
  7. In the midst of battle, you are asked to make a tactical decision. You have been flanked by the enemy, and your tribe and their Bonded are weary, nigh ready to drop. You have enough food and water for three days; however,the safehaven of "home" is five
  8. A fire has engulfed your Tribe's lands. If you were an Elder, what would you do?
  9. An epidemic has spread amongst your Tribe's Ulaiths. It is fatal, and it is quite contaigous. As the Elder, you have to make a very hard decision. What would you decide?
  10. The first breeding in your Tribe has occured! Three offspring were born, but five were expected, and there were five potential Chosen. What do you do?

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