How much do you know about the novel A River Between?

A River Between was written by James Ngugi. It is about the life of Waiyaki and his love Nyambura. This novel highlights the changes and influences of the christian missionaries on the tribe. These influences were taken as a threat to the tribe. Waiyaki fights for providing knowledge to his people, but somewhere along the way it backfired.

So think you're a genius? Well test yourself out by taking this quiz. Try and test your knowledge on A River Between! See how far you can get! I know you don't know too much about this novel, but you should try so you can learn some interesting facts.

Created by: Jessica

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  1. Who is the main Character?
  2. What is the tribe's most important ritual?
  3. Who does Waiyaki love?
  4. What is Waiyaki's greatest accomplishment?
  5. What is the name of the river?
  6. Who is Murungu?
  7. How does Waiyaki persuade the tribe?
  8. Who wrote the River Between?
  9. Who is the first traitor in the novel?
  10. Who "wins" in the end?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about the novel A River Between?