Is he falling for you?

In this world you we live in there if there is a special someone you've had your eye on take my quiz and you'll know if it's ment to be! You might think it totally is, but he might just want to be your bud!

Are you and your friend ment to be an item or buds?! You might never know unless you take my quiz! This could help you make sure that he's the one! This quiz could help YOU, yes you, marry your future husband!

Created by: Ashley

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  1. Does he show off around you?
  2. Does he stare at you when your not looking?
  3. Has he ever asked you for something he has? (like a pen or eraser)
  4. Do you think he likes you?
  5. Is he currently dating anyone?
  6. If he is dating someone, what gender?
  7. Does he look at other girls?
  8. Do you eat any meals with him?
  9. If you eat with him does he eat more of less than usual?
  10. Does he sweat at all around you?

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