What Does Your Bedroom Say About You? (girls)

So...what does your room say about you?!?! Take a look at your room - it reveals more about you than you think!!! Seriously...it really does! So what does it say?

There are three choices (im not saying what they are) that you can get. Just take a minute and only 15 questions and your results will be at the end! Have fun and please leave comments and rate!

Created by: aszand_58
  1. The walls of your room are:
  2. It's a rainy Saturday afternoon. You're in your room:
  3. the thought of sharing your room with a sibling:
  4. Your mom tells you it's time to clean your room. You:
  5. Your friend asks to borrow your fave cd. You:
  6. Your friends would describe your room as:
  7. The thing you can't live without in your room is:
  8. You eat food in your room:
  9. What would you like for your room?
  10. The one word that describes your room is:
  11. Your bed is covered with:
  12. Your aunt is visiting, and you have to give up your room for a week! Your main concern:
  13. What pattern do you like best?

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Quiz topic: What Does my Bedroom Say About You? (girls)